"The dance of glassblowing is delicate, smooth and seamless. A juggling act between hot and cold, liquid and solid. The perfect balance with a touch of magic..."


Born and raised in Calgary, Deanna always enjoyed creating from a young age. Whether it was drawing, jewellery making or ceramics all were of interest so when the decision to attend the Alberta College of Art and Design was made, it was as an easy one.  With the first thought of exploring the photographic arts, Deanna quickly found a very unexpected love of blown glass. This medium held challenges not only with the technical skill required to make work, but also with the environmental challenges as well.

Graduating in 2007, Deanna began work at an architectural glass company in Calgary. She fabricated high-end decorative flat glass, which further broadened her understanding of how to work with this tricky medium. While still keeping her feet wet in blown glass by utilizing rental times in and around the city, she focused on creating a home studio. There she could continue her exploration of creative glasswork.  

In April of 2013 the opportunity presented its self to join three fellow Alberta glass artists to create the Fireweed Glass Studio in Canmore Alberta. Being familiar with the studio, Deanna felt it was time to take the next step in her artistic endeavours and move towards being a full time artist.

Showcasing her work through out galleries in Alberta, British Colombia and the United States, Deanna has participated in various group shows and always welcomes the next opportunity to share her glasswork. 

"Alberta, is truly spectacular landscape. The fact that in the morning you can watch a storm move across the prairies for hours before it touches you, and in the evening you can have the honour of being witness to the incredible norther lights truly reminds me that we are home to some of the worlds most spectacular landscape. " -Deanna McGillivray

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